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An electronic cigarette cartridge, a mouthpiece, and an atomizer are the three components, which make up the marvel that is known as the electronic cigarette. Much has already been discussed about the uses of the electronic cigarette.

A little attention should now be given to the mechanism which works inside the electronic cigarette. This will provide readers with an idea as to why the electronic cigarette is a safe and healthy alternative to a regular cigarette.

The mouthpiece is obviously used to inhale the aroma, which is created from the electronic cigarette cartridges. The atomizer is attached to the electronic cigarette cartridges, which are used to create the smoke, or vapor, that comes out from the e-cigarette.

The actual mechanism, which differentiates the electronic cigarette from the regular cigarette, is concealed inside the electronic cigarette cartridges. Understanding the design and functioning of this component will help the user to understand how the electronic cigarette is better from the conventional cigarette, both health-wise and in terms of manufacturing.

The electronic cigarette is an exact replica of the real thing. By first look, it is nearly impossible to differentiate between the two because the electronic cigarette pretty much gives the exact experience, feel, taste and look of a real cigarette.

However, the inside mechanism is very different. In an actual cigarette, tobacco, along with other ingredients including glue, tar etc. are burnt together and the user then inhales that smoke. This smoke is dangerous because the contents such as tar and glue cause serve harm to the lungs as well as the heart.

The electronic cigarette has propylene glycol, nicotine and a scent of tobacco in it. This is carried via mouthpiece through water vapor. What this does is that it provides the sensation of smoking a real cigarette, without the risk of any diseases.

This entire mechanism is inside the electronic cigarette cartridges, which are available in various colors ranging from black to white as well as shapes such as rounded, whistle shaped and even tapered.

The electronic cigarette cartridges come in a pre-filled version, which generally has a lint fabric soaked with the nicotine liquid. The e-liquid dries out after usages but can be easily refilled at home with e-liquid, which is commonly available in the market.

Pre-filled electronic cigarette cartridges vary in their concentration of nicotine and can range from zero to 18 milligrams. The life of electronic cigarette cartridges depends upon the user, however typically a person used to smoking twenty or more cigarettes in a day would require around 1-2 electronic cigarette cartridges per day.

The concept of the electronic cigarettes is not new and it has been on the hinges for quite some time; however, its popularity has increased due to more and more people wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle. New tweaks in the device have led to increased popularity and demand.

The latest development is the flavored electronic cigarette cartridges, which have given users more options in terms of taste and have pushed the device to new limits and have enabled it to compete with other products in the same category.

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