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Are you a smoker and starting to feel like a social pariah? Given the amount of publicity and media focus on how people should quit smoking, it would be hard not to feel that you are the odd person out. But non-smokers don’t really understand that it’s not that easy to stop smoking especially if you have been in the habit for a number of years.

No matter how many different methods are advertised as the best solution for quitting, there aren’t too many of them that have any appeal to a smoker. That is until now, with the availability of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes definitely have the edge over other stop smoking methods in that they are the closest thing a smoker can use and still feel as if they are smoking whilst not actually inhaling any nicotine or harmful chemicals.

One thing that many people overlook in quit smoking campaigns is that a smoker likes to feel the cigarette between their fingers, for many reasons, be it for relaxation, stress reducing or just habit, whichever it is you don’t get that same feeling with a patch stuck on your arm or chewing a piece of nicotine flavored gum. The advantage of the electronic cigarette is that you still have the illusion that you are smoking.

To add to that illusion the electronic cigarette produces smoke (well actually it’s a vapor) but the effect is the same and the tip end of the electronic cigarette lights up with a small LED light, all adding to the sensation that you are smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are just that an electronic gadget that has a battery, replaceable cartridges, and an adapter to recharge the battery. From a health perspective, there are no dangerous chemicals being imbibed because the cartridges contain a liquid that vaporizes when it is inhaled rather than anything actually burning.

The cartridges come in a range of different flavors and you will need to experiment with a few to find which ones suit you best. Some people have a sweet tooth, whilst others like me stick to the cool fresh menthol taste or standard tobacco. It’s all a matter of preference.

One of the other big advantages of electronic cigarettes is the cost factor, a cartridge is roughly equivalent to a pack of thirty cigarettes but only a fraction of the price, usually about a quarter. So if you do the math you can see how much you could save even in a single week if you are a heavy smoker.

Electronic cigarettes can be purchased online and most people buy a starter kit, then you just replace the cartridges when necessary. The battery life varies depending on how frequently you smoke but can last all day if not overused. If you buy a spare battery when you start you will always have one on standby so you don’t get caught out.

Before buying any electronic cigarettes it is a good idea to research a few of the better-known manufacturers online, as you will find lots of cheap versions on the market and you need to be sure you are getting a quality product if you want to be successful with your own stop smoking project. I’ve found a few electronic cigarette reviews to be quite helpful.

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