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Everyone who believes that smoking does not kill people is living in a delusional world and has no idea as to what the reality is. One of the most common reasons for heart diseases and lung cancer is directly due to smoking.

The next most common reason for these diseases is second-hand smoking. Smokers not only risk their own lives but also the lives of the people around them.

Having said that, however, smoking is a habit, which is very difficult to quit, and people who attempt to leave smoking either get addicted to any other kind of soothing drug or remain agitated, tensed, aggravated and become unable to function properly. Until and unless their body gets its daily dose of the drug, it refuses to work properly.


The consequences of smoking are well documented, at the same time, the effects of quitting smoking are also well observed, which are not very favorable for the addict’s health even though he/she has quit smoking.

Thanks to the advancements in science and technology, a technology has been developed with the aim to counter the curse, which is smoking. This little invention is called the Mini Electronic Cigarette, which is an electronic device designed to give its user the taste, feel and sensation of an actual cigarette.

Mini Electronic Cigarette Competitors

The mini electronic cigarette is pretty much like its predecessors in terms of functionality. It is much thinner than the older version, thus it gives an even more realistic look and feels of a real cigarette.

The previous versions were also called smokeless cigarettes particularly because they did not blow out a lot of smoke. Another fault which the users did find in the older version was that the mouthpiece and the cartridges were separate, which lowered its appeal and made it look like a fake cigarette.

When its performance was reviewed, it was found that users wanted to smoke so as to get the feeling of a real cigarette. Well, that is exactly what the mini electronic cigarette has been provided with.

The new feature of the mini electronic cigarette includes a single piece, which holds the mouthpiece and the cartridge together, thus making it look and feel a lot like a real cigarette.

An advantage of the single tube design is that now the mini electronic cigarette is able to handle more liquid thus making it last longer. It has also been equipped with a new and improved atomizer, which ensures that more smoke it drawn out from the mini electronic cigarette.

In short, all the complaints, which users had with the previous versions of the electronic cigarette, have been addressed in the mini electronic cigarette and it should now be able to provide its users with the exact same experience as a real cigarette would.

How Popular Is The Mini E-Cigarette

The recognition and popularity of the mini electronic cigarette have been on the rise ever since people have started to become health conscious and have started to move towards a more nutritious diet and environment.

However, since smoking is not the easiest of things to quit, therefore the mini electronic cigarette is the user’s best bet to having a healthy and safe lifestyle.

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