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E Cigarettes

First a little disclaimer to all non-believers in medical sciences; smoking Kills- period! There are no two ways about it. Smokers die young and are more prone to heart diseases, cancer and other life threatening diseases. Because of the negative impact, which smoking has on the health of people, cigarette-manufacturing companies all around the globe are legally bound to display warning and precautions signs on all their communications. However, this is the 21st century and the phrase “where there is a will, there is a way” has been given a completely new meaning in this day and age.


The electronic cigarette is the newest invention for all those people who find it difficult to quit regular smoking. Also more commonly known as the e-cigarette or the smokeless cigarette, the electronic cigarette is changing the way smoking is defined all across the world, both legally as well as in terms of health.


The electronic cigarette has been specially designed to provide its user with an effective sensation and simulation of actually smoking. What is unique thing about the electronic cigarette is that it does provide the feeling of smoking an actual cigarette, but at the same time protects its user from all the harms, which a regular cigarette inflicts into its users and all those around him/her.

Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette looks exactly like a real cigarette, and it gives the user the same experience as a regular cigarette would, in terms of feel and taste. What goes on inside the two however is a completely different story. In a real cigarette, the user inhales tobacco after it is burned, however the more injurious elements, which burn with the tobacco, include things such as glue, tar and hundreds of other harmful additives. In the electronic cigarette, when the user inhales, he/she is actually inhaling a water vapor, which contains glycol, nicotine and propylene. Along with these things, there is a scent of tobacco flavor, which gives the sensation of an actual cigarette. Therefore, by using the electronic cigarette, a user is able to enjoy the sensation of tobacco and nicotine, while at the same time avoid diseases such as cancer, cardiac problems and other life threatening aliments.


It is important to note that the usage of cigarette is banned in many countries in public places as well as in hotels, malls etc. The electronic cigarette on the hand is completely free because it does not cause any type of damage to the person using it or to the people who are around it. Its legality and safeness can be drawn from the fact that even airlines might allow the usage of electronic cigarettes during flights.


Although the electronic cigarette is not a new invention and has been around for a while, its popularity has propelled recently due to the fact that people are now becoming more aware of the health hazard that are caused by the regular cigarette. Another reason why the electronic cigarettes have gained popularity is because smoking is being banned increasingly in public places, malls, cinemas etc. The freedom to smoke wherever a person desires, along with the safety element attached, has made the electronic cigarettes the best solution for smokers.

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