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Most U.S. states have banned smoking in public places over the past several years. For this reason, most people have opted for electronic cigarettes.

These are smoking devices that look like cigarettes but do not produce the same smoke or smell like real cigarettes. These devices are also a huge help for those who are trying to quit smoking.

E Cigarette Comparison

An electronic cigarette is a mechanical device that is smokeless. The device stimulates actual smoking without any chemicals, tobacco or tar that is found in real cigarettes.

There are many brands of electronic cigarettes, the market opened up widely after states banned smoking in public areas such as bars and restaurants. These e-cigarette looks so much like real cigarettes in that it may be difficult for one to tell them apart.

Electronic cigarettes usually come as a part of a kit or starter kit which includes batteries that are rechargeable and cartridges for the cigarette. Some brands also have disposables available to try. The e-cig batteries should be charged every night to ensure that they work correctly come the next day.

In the electronic cigarette, air travels through a cylinder, this in turn triggers and ignites a processor. The processor in the cigarette vaporizes the injected drops of liquid, which cause nicotine vapor to be in hailed by the smoker.

The mist appears like actual smoke but it is only a harmless vapor. Some electronic cigarettes have ends that light up like true cigarettes thus giving the impression of a real cigarette.

Some companies argue that the electronic cigarettes are not intended to be a device to help smokers curb the smoking habit however the device seems to do the trick anyway. Other than giving smokers the same feeling they would get from smoking real cigarettes, it does not have any harmful content and it is not banned in all public places. Another advantage is that it does not have a nasty odor like the real cigarette.

The E-Cigarette Battery Is Shown Here

E Cigarette Battery

Most of the people who smoke electronic cigarettes claim that they more or less smoke it like the real cigarette. Quite a number have also claimed that they have been able to quit smoking by the aid of these electronic cigarettes.

Some people who smoke regular cigarettes, however, tend to differ with the idea that electronic cigarettes do not satisfy nicotine cravings in them.

The actual truth is that there is no other replacement for cigarettes in that there is no other product that can provide each and every need that a smoker gets from smoking a real cigarette.

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