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Millions of people the world over are making the switch to electronic cigarettes and reaping many benefits for it. Are they for you? Which is the best brand for you?

Since smoking or vaping can be such a major part of your life, you need to know the answers to your questions before making a move. Spend a little time getting to know your potential products, and have a good source of information about them. Here are 10 important tips to get you started.

1. See For Yourself – While there is a lot of buzz about e-cigarettes, as with anything else you’re better off trying them to make sure they are for you. Take advantage of free sample offers from different companies, or simply purchase the smallest package available at your local retailer. These popular imposters have a lot of things going for them, but try them first just to be on the safe side.

2. Read Reviews About Electronic Cigarettes – Find online forums where the hot topic is the latest craze in e-cigs. People will let you know all about their experiences with different types and flavors, and you can learn a lot. Join the conversation and ask your own questions.

Look on buying sites themselves to see what’s being said after people have spent money on the products. As the electronic cigarette is perfected, there are different quirks and issues which may affect your purchasing decisions. Learn from other people’s mistakes, to avoid wasting your own time and money.

3. Buy Higher Quality – Most of the time e-cigarettes easily save you money over real tobacco products, however; there are a few bottoms of the barrel models you probably should avoid. Should one of these be the first one you try, you’re not getting an honest experience with the product. Without breaking the bank, pick up a vaping kit that is of high enough quality that you get a really good feel for it.

4. Find Your Flavor – The trend in flavors is to try what is most similar to the tobacco habit, keeping in line with menthol or non-menthol, light and ultra-light and so forth. This might be the best option for you in the beginning, but keep an open mind. Vaping, while akin to smoking, is a totally unique experience once you get into it. Try the different flavors that appeal to you. Be willing to break away from the conventional and you just might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

5. Sample Before Investing – Avoid making the mistake of purchasing anything in large quantities until you’ve discovered your pet flavor and preferred vaping method. It can be very discouraging to waste money, and the experience could leave you unjustly bitter about the industry itself. Invest in research and always try the smallest and least expensive product possible.

6. Know Your Brand Of Electronic Cigarette – Whichever company you decide to go with, keep tabs on them and compare what they are offering to other brands. There is a common misconception that each different name on the package represents a separate manufacturer, and this is not completely accurate.

Just like the store brands you probably buy at your favorite grocery store, many items come from the same place and simply have different packaging. Knowing your brand thoroughly will help you make the best decisions for your vaping enjoyment.

7. Try Switching From Tobacco – If you smoke actual tobacco products and are interested in making a positive change in your life, try weaning yourself gradually. Millions of people have discovered the similarities between tobacco and vaping that have enabled them to finally take control over their habits.

Electronic smoking gives you the same sensation between your fingers, in your mouth and when inhaling. Once you’ve adapted, make a conscious effort to curb your use of tobacco, and begin enjoying something with a few thousand less carcinogens in it!

8. Experiment With Electronic Smoking – After you’ve found your most suitable electronic cigarette, find new ways to fit it into your life. Try using them in different social settings where cigarettes are prohibited. You will discover these enjoyable imposters can help you through a stressful afternoon just as well as the real things.

If your intention is to use the e-cig as a cessation device, give yourself the best shot at succeeding by experimenting with usage. Keep notes on how much you smoke and under what circumstances you light up instead of vaping. Experiment until you’re taking the e-cig for all it’s worth and brought yourself to where you want to be with smoking.

9. Bank Your Savings – Everyone knows that vaping is so economical over tobacco, but what are people doing with all that extra money? The smart people are saving it. Factor the difference in your spending, and put the difference in your bank each month.

Most consumers save well over a thousand dollars every year by vaping instead of using tobacco, so put the money to good use in your life. Setting it aside will clearly show you how much it adds up to and give you yet another reason to stick with vaping.

10. Stay Informed About The Product – As a relatively young industry, e-cigs are constantly changing. While major evolutionary milestones are few and far between, little things that add to convenience and enjoyment abound. Find a good newsletter or website to follow that will keep you up to date with relevant information.

Look for specials and promotions that will extend your savings and introduce you to the latest developments in flavors and usage. Just when you might have thought vaping couldn’t get any better, it will!

Electronic cigarette smoking may very well change your life. In fact, it could even save it. Since there’s so much at stake, be sure to make the most informed decisions possible. Learn all that you can, and use the top tips that you discover to help you do the right thing.

Talk to people who have used vaping to improve their health and finances, but who are still able to reap the relaxing benefits of “smoking”. This could be one of the best moves you ever make.

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